Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aokautere School Choir

Aokautere School choir
By Emma.
Do you like to sing? If you do then you will love the Aokautere School choir.

If you join choir you will need to practice singing tunefully. Some songs you will sing high and some low. In some songs we sing together and in others we have solos. In one song called “rock my soul” we sing in rounds. At choir some people have favourite songs. My favourite is couldn’t be done! You will improve as you practice.
In choir we get lines to sing on our own. The lines we get are spread out throughout the songs. We will have to practice to memorise our lines. Once we good enough and have learnt our lines, we can perform in concerts.
Our choir is only for kids at Aokautere School. It’s held at Aokautere School. It’s on every Monday during lunchtime. Each week there are two Stars of the Week. Those two stars get fifty house points each.
There are two ladies that spend their time teaching us how to sing. Their names are Sherilyn, she teaches us how to sing the songs; and Nana Wong plays the music. It’s lovely that they take time to help us when there might be other things for them to do.
Going to choir is great and singing is a wonderful talent to have. Choir has built my confidence up and now choir is one of my favourite hobbies.

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Kathryn Hay said...

thanks mum for putting my choir story on the blog site! i am so excited that people can read my story's not just the people that buy the school year book! and i can't wait till my other story's are going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you heaps em!