Tuesday, November 2, 2010

life eduction

Life Education
By Emma Steed .

Do you like giraffes? Well I do. My story talks about a giraffe called Harold.

One morning we came to school and a bus was here. We saw it was the life education bus. It comes every second year

Inside the bus is a lady who teaches us about looking after the environment and your personality. For example once we watched a movie of a guy and a lady who ate fish and chips and the lady throws some in the water while the guy was trying to be clean and keep the earth nice and tidy. Each class that went to see Harold had a different focus.

Harold has his own room behind a curtain. he has a remote that plays music for him to sing to us. One button turns on stars that glow on the roof of the bus. Mrs Dacre's littlies thought they were magical.

I think Harold is an awesome giraffe that cleans the earth and keeps the planet healthy and also educated. I am amazed that he can even dance. I like that we got to pat Harold and I can’t wait to see him in the next couple of years!


By Emma

Sport is a great thing. But I think hockey is fantastic because it gets you fit and it’s enjoyable.
Now, you know you can not play hockey with out equipment to use. So I think I should tell you what you need: 1st a mouth guards that protects your teeth from the ball knocking them out.2nd shin pads to protect your shins from being hit. 3rd a stick to push the ball with. And last of all a uniform so your team can see who you your team is. And so you can support them.
To play hockey you need a team so you can pass the ball to people not just yourself. Your team is boys and girls. Your team will pass the ball to each other on games.you need practices so you get to know your team and their passing. Your team are all in different positions so now I will tell you some.
There are all different positions for your team to play in. First there is a goalie that is in the box at the end of the field. Tom B and Zac play goalie most. There is a defender that I usually play. There is a centre forward that Curtis plays most of the time. There are wings that people swap on. All the positions get swapped around on.
Hockey is a fantastic sport to play and I enjoy it so much because it is fast and exciting!

Aokautere School Choir

Aokautere School choir
By Emma.
Do you like to sing? If you do then you will love the Aokautere School choir.

If you join choir you will need to practice singing tunefully. Some songs you will sing high and some low. In some songs we sing together and in others we have solos. In one song called “rock my soul” we sing in rounds. At choir some people have favourite songs. My favourite is couldn’t be done! You will improve as you practice.
In choir we get lines to sing on our own. The lines we get are spread out throughout the songs. We will have to practice to memorise our lines. Once we good enough and have learnt our lines, we can perform in concerts.
Our choir is only for kids at Aokautere School. It’s held at Aokautere School. It’s on every Monday during lunchtime. Each week there are two Stars of the Week. Those two stars get fifty house points each.
There are two ladies that spend their time teaching us how to sing. Their names are Sherilyn, she teaches us how to sing the songs; and Nana Wong plays the music. It’s lovely that they take time to help us when there might be other things for them to do.
Going to choir is great and singing is a wonderful talent to have. Choir has built my confidence up and now choir is one of my favourite hobbies.

Friday, July 2, 2010

my cast is coming off soon!!!!

come on I said to my friend phoebe lets run into those bushes. we were in such a rush i got my toe caught in the net so i put my hand out to save my self.but guess what it cracked in so much pain

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot Air Balloons

Yay, we are at the hot air balloons. I can see a pink one. I can also see three blue ones. They look amazing up in the air. "Look Mum, its basket is dropping down into the water". Then it did drop, then it took a little while to get back up. Its bursting red flames went up into the air of the balloon, it sounded like big bullets bursting into a house. The hot balloons were as big as a giant crowd of people.

By Emma

The Festival of Cultures

At festival of cultures

Me and Lily at festival of cultures
And we are eating candy floss.

Sunday, November 16, 2008