Tuesday, November 2, 2010

life eduction

Life Education
By Emma Steed .

Do you like giraffes? Well I do. My story talks about a giraffe called Harold.

One morning we came to school and a bus was here. We saw it was the life education bus. It comes every second year

Inside the bus is a lady who teaches us about looking after the environment and your personality. For example once we watched a movie of a guy and a lady who ate fish and chips and the lady throws some in the water while the guy was trying to be clean and keep the earth nice and tidy. Each class that went to see Harold had a different focus.

Harold has his own room behind a curtain. he has a remote that plays music for him to sing to us. One button turns on stars that glow on the roof of the bus. Mrs Dacre's littlies thought they were magical.

I think Harold is an awesome giraffe that cleans the earth and keeps the planet healthy and also educated. I am amazed that he can even dance. I like that we got to pat Harold and I can’t wait to see him in the next couple of years!

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