Tuesday, November 2, 2010


By Emma

Sport is a great thing. But I think hockey is fantastic because it gets you fit and it’s enjoyable.
Now, you know you can not play hockey with out equipment to use. So I think I should tell you what you need: 1st a mouth guards that protects your teeth from the ball knocking them out.2nd shin pads to protect your shins from being hit. 3rd a stick to push the ball with. And last of all a uniform so your team can see who you your team is. And so you can support them.
To play hockey you need a team so you can pass the ball to people not just yourself. Your team is boys and girls. Your team will pass the ball to each other on games.you need practices so you get to know your team and their passing. Your team are all in different positions so now I will tell you some.
There are all different positions for your team to play in. First there is a goalie that is in the box at the end of the field. Tom B and Zac play goalie most. There is a defender that I usually play. There is a centre forward that Curtis plays most of the time. There are wings that people swap on. All the positions get swapped around on.
Hockey is a fantastic sport to play and I enjoy it so much because it is fast and exciting!

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